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 Project Overview
Welcome to the Questar Gas
Feeder Line 122 Capacity Enhancement Project Website.

Questar Gas is replacing a section of its system in southern Davis County known as Feeder Line 122. (Feeder lines are larger, steel pipelines that supply smaller main and individual service lines that connect to meters at homes and businesses.) This website provides general information about the project as well as current information on construction activity and related impacts on local traffic.

This project is necessary to keep pace with increased demand for natural gas due to customer growth. It will also enhance our ability to continue providing safe, reliable natural gas service by making our system easier to monitor and maintain.

The section of FL122 slated for replacement is located in North Salt Lake, Woods Cross, West Bountiful, Centerville and Farmington. It runs from West Center Street and the Legacy Parkway near the Foxboro subdivision north to 500 South, then angles northeast between the Legacy Highway and Interstate 15 to West Porters Lane and then along North 640 West terminating at West Glovers Lane. (See map for exact route.) To expedite construction, multiple crews will be working simultaneously at various locations during the project. Crews may also work at night and on weekends. Allowing for weather and other demands, construction on the Legacy Parkway Trail section between West Center Street and 500 South is scheduled to begin Oct. 10, 2016, and is expected to be completed by late July 2017. Construction on the remainder of the pipeline is scheduled to begin in January 2017.

LEGACY PARKWAY TRAIL CLOSURE: To ensure public safety, during construction a section of the Legacy Parkway Trail between West Center Street and 500 South will be temporarily closed to all use. The temporary closure of the trail between the Center Street Trailhead and the 2425 South Trailhead is scheduled to begin Oct. 10, 2016. (See detour map here.) The section from 2425 South and 500 South will be closed in January 2017. (See detour map here.) Weather permitting, both sections of the trail will be reopened by the end of July 2017.

To provide room for crews and equipment, some temporary lane restrictions and road closures can be expected in work zones. Every effort will be made to maintain access to businesses and driveways in construction zones at all times. No interruption to residents' natural gas service is anticipated during this project.

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Project hotline: (801) 324-5521

Construction Updates

arrow June 20, 2017

North Salt Lake:

Night work has finished up on Center Street and Foxboro Drive. That crew has crossed Center Street and will be working on our station at that location.

We have a crew working southbound on Foxboro Drive that will meet at our station. They have crossed Foxboro and have installed pipe past the south driveway of Sterilite, a business at the south end of Foxboro.

We have a crew working on a block valve assembly on 500 South near Redwood Road.

West Bountiful: We have an intermediate high pressure crew working on a bore on 1450 West. The crew that has been working on the bore from Jesse Meadows to the north end of the golf course has completed its boring. This crew will now tie into the pipe from Jesse Meadows to 400 North.

We also have a crew running a line east from Millbridge Lane to our station on 400 North. They will tie into the new pipe coming south from Jesse Meadows.

We have a crew finshing up between Olsen Farm Road and 1600 North. They will continue south to tie into the bore at the north end of the golf course.

Farmington: We have a crew setting up to bore under Glover's Lane near 650 West.

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