Frequently Asked Questions About the Feeder LIne 25 Capacity Enhancement Project

Q1: Why is this project necessary?
At Questar Gas, we are committed to providing safe, reliable natural gas service at the lowest possible cost.

In recent years, as part of our continuing efforts to meet growing demand for natural gas while improving overall system integrity, we have begun replacing vital sections of our underground pipeline system serving the Wasatch Front. In most cases we are replacing older pipe with newer, stronger and larger diameter pipe.

These new pipelines carry more supplies, enabling us to better serve the growing number of new homes and businesses in Utah.

They also enhance safety and reliability by making our system easier to monitor and maintain. Some of the older sections of our system have pipe in varying diameters, ranging from six to 20 inches. Replacing these with pipe of the same diameter makes them accessible to "smart tools. These tools -- commonly known as "pigs" -- use MRI technology to inspect the pipe interior, making it possible to detect and correct potential problems before they occur.

Q2: Will my natural gas service be affected by construction?
No. Redundancies in Questar Gas's system should make it possible to replace the existing pipeline without interrupting service to any customers.

Q3: Will construction affect my property?
If your property is on or adjacent to the right-of-way, you will receive prior notification by mail alerting you to construction. Questar Gas works closely with residents and city officials to minimize potential impacts on residents' property. If Questar Gas does need to access its legal right-of-way to work on or near your property, the company will make reasonable efforts to ensure the landscape is returned as closely as possible to its previous state. This does not include replacement, repair or compensation for unauthorized structures, plants, objects and etc. currently located within the right-of-way.

Residents can make the process easier by making sure that items such as large, deep-rooted trees, concrete slabs, sheds, fences or other structures do not encroach upon Questar Gas's right-of-way. These items not only violate right-of-way policy but also pose a safety hazard and may hinder the company's ability to reach its pipeline in case of emergency or to perform necessary maintenance.

For more information about what is and is not allowed on pipeline rights-of-way, request a company brochure by contacting a Questar Gas representative at (801) 324-3149 or view the brochure online at .

Q4. Will streets be closed or access to private driveways restricted during construction?
Construction may require temporary lane closures and/or detours. During construction Questar Gas strives to maintain traffic in both directions on city streets at all times, however temporary lane restrictions can be expected.

Private driveways and access to side streets and business parking lots may also occasionally be temporarily blocked by excavation work. When not in use, open trenches will be plated to maintain access during business hours, at night and on weekends.

Any changes in traffic or access will be kept to a minimum and will be as brief as possible.

Before construction starts in front of your home or business, a company representative will contact you to discuss where you would like access maintained. Signs notifying the public that businesses are open during construction will be made available for those who request them.

For the latest information on traffic impacts and lane restrictions, visit the project home page or signup to receive weekly construction updates by email.

Residents can reduce the risk of accidents by driving carefully in construction zones and keeping children away from the construction site. Questar Gas works closely with city and state transportation officials to ensure safety and minimize inconvenience to drivers and pedestrians during construction.

Q5. Whom can I contact if I have questions or concerns?
If you have questions or concerns, please email us or call Questar Gas’s Feeder Line information hotline at (801) 324-5548.