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Meter Protection

To ensure the safe and efficient operation of natural gas equipment, please protect meters and vents:

  • Keep snow from burying exhaust and intake vents and from piling up on natural gas meters. A snow-free meter can function properly. Unobstructed vents can also help keep the pilot lights on, allow your appliances to breathe and operate efficiently and direct combustion byproducts to the outside.

  • Consider using a shelter specifically designed to protect the meter if you live in an area where snow and ice tend to build up on the meter. Do not shelter the meter with a metal sheet or wheelbarrow. When these or other metal objects, including trash cans, bicycles and/or gardening tools, come in contact with the meter, they can interfere with the system that protects the meter and associated piping from corrosion.

  • If your meter is in a driveway, parkway or high-traffic area where it could be damaged, please let us know so we can install bollards (protection posts) or move the meter to safer location.

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