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About Natural Gas

Natural gas is nontoxic
Natural gas contains no toxic poisonous ingredients that can be absorbed into the blood when inhaled.

Natural gas is lighter than air
If natural gas escapes into the atmosphere, it dissipates rapidly. A heavier-than-air gas, such as propane or gasoline fumes, would settle and accumulate near the ground.

Natural gas is colorless
When mixed with the proper amount of air and ignited, invisible natural gas
burns with a clean, blue flame. It is one of the cleanest burning fuels, producing primarily heat, carbon dioxide and water vapor.

Natural gas is odorless
When taken from the ground, natural gas is odorless. Local utilities such as Questar Gas add a non-toxic chemical odorant called mercaptan to supplies to make leaks easy to smell. However, there may be times when the smell of the odorant is weak or not present, even though there is a leak. If you suspect a leak for any reason, get to a safe place immediately and call the emergency number or 911. Call 800-323-5517 for a free scratch-and-sniff odorant brochure if you don't know the smell..

Natural gas's narrow combustion limits
This helps ensure predictable, safe use. Natural gas will only ignite when there is an air-and-gas mixture of between 5 and 15 percent natural gas. Any mixture containing less than 5 percent or greater than 15 percent natural gas will not ignite.

Natural gas reduces our dependence on foreign-oil imports
More than 90 percent of the natural gas Americans use comes from the lower 48 states.  The rest comes from Canada. The  U.S. Department of Energy estimates that, at current production rates, the U.S. has nearly a 60-year supply of natural gas.  When including non-conventional supplies, a 200-year natural gas supply exists.

Natural gas contributes to a cleaner environment
It is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel available. It helps improve air and water quality, especially when used in place of more polluting energy sources.  When natural gas burns, virtually no harmful pollutants are produced.

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