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EFVs help protect people and property

More than a decade ago, Questar Gas launched a safety initiative to install excess flow valves (EFVs) on new and replacement service lines. Today, more than 100,000 customers have an EFV on their natural gas service line. Customers who do not currently have an EFV may request one. The cost for installation will be between $1,000-$2,500, depending on the property, access, permitting, labor and equipment.

— Q&A —

Q1: What's an EFV?
A: An EFV is a small valve that automatically reduces the flow of gas if a customer or contractor accidentally breaks the service line while digging on the property.

Q2: Where is an EFV installed?

A: EFVs are commonly installed at the street where the service line ties into the main line.

Q3: Is an EFV the same thing as an earthquake valve?
A: No. Earthquake valves are installed at or near the gas meter and are designed to shut off the gas to a structure if the meter shakes. Questar Gas does not install earthquake valves.

Q4: What limitations do EFVs have?
A: EFVs do not protect against leaks caused by corrosion or lose fittings, or leaks that occur beyond the meter, such as gas piping and appliances.

Q5: Where is an EFV most effective?
A: EFVs are effective on service lines in new subdivisions and other areas with frequent excavation activity.

Q6: Who is eligible to have an EFV installed on their property?
A: Eligibility for an EFV is based on meter capacity and other federal regulations.

If you are interested in having an EFV installed on your service line, please contact Questar Gas at 1-800-378-2952 to determine if your service line is eligible and to make arrangements for the installation.

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