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Speakers Bureau

Finding the right speaker to talk to your group about natural gas is easy at Questar Gas. And if you're a teacher, we can also provide printed educational material specific to the age of your students. Questar Gas encourages community groups, civic associations, churches, schools and charitable organizations to take advantage of our free Speakers Bureau because we want to keep our customers informed.

For more information or to schedule a speaker, call Allie Anderson at 801-324-5600
or email

Please provide the following:
Your name:
Phone number:
Presentation Date: (please allow at least 10 business days advance notice)
Location address:
Audience: (type and number)

Questar Gas Topics

Earthquake Preparedness and Natural Gas Safety – This interactive presentation is designed primarily for safety fairs. Consumers will learn how and why a water heater should be secured and how and when to shut off the gas meter in an emergency. This presentation reviews the properties of natural gas and allows customers to smell mercaptan, the odorant that is added to natural gas.

ThermWise Programs – This presentation provides an overview of Questar Gas's energy-efficiency programs. Residential customers, business owners and builders can qualify for rebates by installing energy-efficient appliances or making home improvements. Learn how to schedule a Questar Gas energy audit or perform your own.


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