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Questar Gas provides a variety of rates and services to its industrial customers. Industrial customers can choose to buy a bundled rate that includes transportation and gas sales or they can choose to be transportation only customers and arrange for their own gas supplies. Customers can also choose firm or interruptible delivery on either sales or transportation rates. Whatever rate industrial customers choose, Questar Gas provides information to help our customers make good energy decisions. We provide information to help customers make informed choices about the best rate for them, and on new gas-burning technologies to help customers conserve energy.

Industrial Services
      Firm Sales
      Interruptible Sales
      IS Prices
      Marketing Contacts
      PipeViewer (secure site)

 Transportation Services
      QuestLine® (secure site)
      Commodity Suppliers
      Capacity Release (Questar Pipeline Company)

Other Services
      Environmental Comparisons
      Gas-Quality Data
      Sulfur Content
      Degree Day Information


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