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Interruptible Sales

Conditions of Interruptible Sales Service
Interruptible sales services are available only to the extent that Questar Gas has available capacity and/or gas supply to provide this service without impairing its ability to serve firm sales service customers. Interruptible customers are required to stop using natural gas within two hours of notification. Natural gas service will not be available again until further notification. If an interruptible customer continues to use natural gas after notification, a penalty rate will apply. Under no circumstances will this penalty provision be considered as giving the customer the right to use gas during a requested interruption.

Interruptible customers must maintain standby equipment and standby fuel to provide a substitute for gas service during periods of interruption.

Interruptible customers will be required to enter into a service agreement. Requirements for transportation customers, such as gas measurement equipment, balancing and nominations, are discussed in the Transportation Processes section.

IS is available on an annual contract basis to customers who enter into a service agreement. Customers must maintain the ability to interrupt natural gas service or have purchased firm standby service under Questar Gas's FS rate schedule. Rate per dth used each month will be based on the Market Index Price, adjusted for commodity cost fuel gas charges and transport charges on an upstream pipeline and Questar Gas final prices will be posted monthly on the Questar Gas web site, ( within 5 working days of the end of the month.

Customers must have a load factor of 15 percent or greater. For these customers, the day of highest usage in the November 1 to March 31 period will be used in place of daily contract limit in calculating the minimum bill. Service is subject to a minimum yearly charge and a meter-based customer charge. Minimum annual volume is 7,000 Dth.

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