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Subject: QGC Month-End Closing - April 2017

Month-end imbalance positions on Questar Gas for April are now available.  Please ensure that you are within the +/- 5% imbalance tolerance window for the month of April by May 24, 2017, either through prior-period payback nominations or by trading your position.

Questar Gas may cash out April imbalances that remain outside the tolerance window after May 24, 2017.  Refer to the “Monthly Imbalances” portion of Section 5.09 of the Questar Gas Company Utah Natural Gas Tariff and Section 5.06 of the Wyoming Natural Gas Tariff to review applicable cash-out provisions. 

To view your imbalance position(s), run the “WEB END OF MONTH IMBALANCE PAYOFF” report  under report type “CAW NON_NAESB REPORTS” in Quorum’s reporting system.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Brent Bakker


Leslie Mariani


Thank you.

Subject: QUESTAR GAS - Gas Supply Communication - Balancing Restrictions effective April 01-12, 2017

The following restriction, as provided for in Questar Gas Company’s Utah Natural Gas Tariff (Utah Tariff) Section 5.09 and Wyoming Natural Gas Tariff (Wyoming Tariff) Section 5.06, is required due to Questar Pipeline’s upcoming Clay Basin withdrawal test:

       April 1 through April 3, 2017:               
       A transportation customer’s supply must not exceed usage by more than a 0% tolerance, i.e. no packing.

       April 4 through April 12, 2017:                     
       A transportation customer’s supply must match its usage within a +/-5% tolerance window.


Imbalance payback should not be nominated, unless approved by Questar Gas’ Gas Supply personnel on a case-by-case basis.

After aggregation of imbalances at an agent level, and after the allowed trading period, penalties as outlined in the Utah and Wyoming Tariffs will be assessed for those imbalances remaining outside of the balancing tolerances outlined above.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.

Subject: QGC Gas Supply Communication to All Suppliers


To:  All Questar Gas (QGC) Transportation Customer Suppliers

Temperatures in our service territory for at least the coming week are currently forecasted to be colder-than-normal.   QGC requests that supplies delivered to its system on behalf of transportation customers match actual usage.  Please plan accordingly to ensure that supply versus usage stays within the normal +/-5% daily tolerance window.   Also, ensure that imbalance payback nominations are in place to accurately reflect your plans to manage contract imbalances.

As provided for in QGC’s Utah and Wyoming Natural Gas Tariffs (Utah tariff section 5.09, and Wyoming tariff section 5.06), QGC will allow +/- 5% of a customer’s volumes delivered from upstream pipelines as a daily imbalance tolerance window.  However, QGC may require customers or nominating parties to adjust deliveries or usage that contributes to an aggregate imbalance that would 1) require QGC to take action to maintain system integrity, or 2) reasonably be expected to force QGC to materially alter its prior day’s planned level of a) gas purchases, b) QGC production, or c) storage injections or withdrawals.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you for your attention in this matter.  

Subject: QUESTAR GAS - Gas Supply Communication - Customer Interruption/Hold to Scheduled Quantity

The Questar Gas service territory experiencing extreme cold and supply constraints.  Firm load demand on the Questar Gas distribution system requires that Questar Gas implement a service interruption for customers with interruptible load. 

Supply availability from upstream pipelines to the Questar Gas system is currently limited. Questar Gas is unable to provide additional supplies to make up for any short falls in the amount of gas being provided on behalf of your customers to the Questar Gas system. As a result, even if they have enough firm capacity on the Questar Gas system to cover their usage, they have also been required to limit their usage to not exceed the scheduled quantity being provided to the Questar Gas system for their use.

Their allowable usage for each hour will be equal to the lesser of their firm contract amount divided by 24 or their scheduled quantity divided by 24 for each hour of the interruption. This will be calculated for each hour based on the scheduled quantity available for the applicable hours of the interruption. 

Subject: QUESTAR GAS - Gas Supply Communication for January 2, 2017 and until further notice
Due to expected colder-than-normal weather next week, Questar Gas may not be able to keep individual transportation customers whole if there are upstream cuts to their supply for January 2, 2017 and until further notice.   If necessary, Questar Gas will be contacting individual customers and requiring them to hold their burns to match their scheduled supply quantities.   Please review nominations for the weekend to ensure that each customer will have adequate supply.  

Thank you for your attention in this matter.

Subject: QGC Gas Supply Communication - use of Indianola May 14, 2016 and until further notice

Effective May 14, 2016, and until further notice, Indianola will not be available due to construction work. Please nominate supply to each customer based on the contracted primary receipt point. Thank you for your cooperation.

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