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To:  All Questar Gas (QGC) Transportation Customer Suppliers

Extremely warm temperatures are forecasted to continue through at least early next week.   Also, supplies for transportation customers have been significantly more than actual usage.   

To avoid imposing daily balancing restrictions, QGC requests that supplies delivered to its system on behalf of transportation customers match actual usage.  Please plan accordingly to ensure that supply versus usage stays within the normal +/-5% daily tolerance window.  Due to current conditions and overall contract imbalances, payback from QGC to shippers is strongly encouraged throughout the next week.   Ensure that imbalance payback nominations are in place to accurately reflect your plans to manage contract imbalances.

As provided for in QGC’s Utah and Wyoming Natural Gas Tariffs (Utah tariff section 5.09, and Wyoming tariff section 5.06), QGC will allow +/- 5% of a customer’s volumes delivered from upstream pipelines as a daily imbalance tolerance window.  However, QGC may require customers or nominating parties to adjust deliveries or usage that contributes to an aggregate imbalance that would 1) require QGC to take action to maintain system integrity, or 2) reasonably be expected to force QGC to materially alter its prior day’s planned level of a) gas purchases, b) QGC production, or c) storage injections or withdrawals.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you for your attention in this matter.   


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