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Auto Pay

Auto Pay BrochureWhat is Auto Pay?

Auto Pay lets you pay your monthly gas bill without writing checks, buying stamps or making special trips to pay stations or drop-box locations. Your payment is automatically withdrawn from your checking or savings account each month. Participation is free.

How do I sign up?

There are three ways:
• Call us at 801-324-5111 or 800-323-5517 (please have your bank account information); or
Login to the "Account Center" and select Auto Pay sign up; or
• Fill out and mail the attached Auto Pay Transfer Authorization Agreement to Questar Gas.

Then what happens?

Your financial institution will automatically withdraw the payments from your bank account on or within two business days after the due date.
Note: Please continue paying your bill as usual until your natural gas bill shows that the amount due is being withdrawn from your bank account. The message "Bank Payment" will appear in the "pay this amount" box to let you know Auto Pay is in effect.

Do I still get my monthly natural gas statement?

Yes. Each month, we will continue to read your meter and send you a statement showing the amount due that will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account.

*Remember to notify Questar Gas immediately if you close or change your bank account.

Can I sign up for Auto Pay if I'm on the Budget Plan?

Yes. You can participate in both Auto Pay and Budget Plan. (The Budget Plan divides your estimated annual gas usage into 12 equal payments so your bill is the same every month.)
  • Sign up online at Account Login and click on "Auto Pay"
    *Note: continue to manually pay bills until the bill payment box reads “Bank Payment.”

  • Sign up through the mail; first print the Auto Pay brochure.

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