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Budget Plan

Budget Plan BrochureWhat is the Budget Plan?

The Budget Plan is an optional payment program that allows you to pay the same amount each month for natural gas service. The Budget Plan takes the guess-work out of paying bills by dividing your estimated annual billing amount into 12 equal payments.

You can make bill paying even simpler when you sign up for Auto Pay. Auto Pay allows you to have your Budget Plan amount automatically withdrawn from your checking or savings account.

Can I sign up if I have a past-due balance on my account?

No. However, you can combine the Budget Plan with a payment arrangement called a Deferred Payment Agreement (DPA). A DPA helps you pay off your past-due balance by dividing the amount owed into equal monthly payments. Please contact Questar Gas to find out if you qualify for a DPA.

How does the Budget Plan work?

Questar Gas estimates your annual usage based on your billing history. Then, using current rates, we calculate an annual billing amount and divide by 12 to determine your monthly Budget Plan payment for the year.

After you enroll in Budget Plan, we continue to read your meter and list the actual gas used on your monthly statement. Your monthly bill also shows your actual current gas bill even though you only pay the monthly Budget Plan amount. It also shows your Budget Plan balance that represents the amount you have paid during the plan year that is more or less than the total of your actual gas bills for the same period.

At least twice a year, we compare your actual usage to the estimated amount used to calculate your monthly Budget Plan payment. If your usage is higher or lower than expected, or if there has been a significant rate change, we adjust your payment to keep your account in balance. We notify you of any change in your Budget Plan payment.

After each year of participation in the Budget Plan, we evaluate your account. If you have paid more or less than the actual gas bill total for the year, we add or subtract that amount from your estimated annual billing amount when calculating the Budget Plan payment for the coming year.

How can I sign up for the Budget Plan?

If your Questar Gas account is current, you can enroll in the Budget Plan by calling Questar Gas or visiting

If you have a past-due balance, you can combine Budget Plan with an option called a Deferred Payment Agreement (DPA). A DPA helps you pay off your past-due balance by dividing the amount owed into equal monthly payments. Each month, you pay the DPA amount (plus interest) and the Budget Plan amount. Contact Questar Gas to find out if you qualify for a DPA.

I just moved into my new residence. Can I still participate in the Budget Plan?

Yes, unless there is no billing history for the residence. Questar Gas will estimate your Budget Plan amount based on the historical usage at the premises but keep in mind that family size, usage habits and other factors can affect the billing amount. The best way to ensure a good estimate of your Budget Billing amount is to first establish an accurate billing history at your new residence.

What happens to my Budget Plan if I move?

If you move within Questar Gas's service territory, your Budget Plan balance can be transferred to your new residence. Please contact Questar Gas to arrange for service and to determine your new Budget Plan amount.

Can I withdraw from the Budget Plan?

Yes. Simply notify us to end participation. Please note that when you stop using the Budget Plan, you will receive a refund or a charge equal to the Budget Plan balance due on your next bill.

You will also be dropped from the Budget Plan if you miss two payments. You can always make your payment in advance, or overpay. However, once the total overpayment is used, and no more payments are made, Questar Gas will record a missed payment.

If you have questions or concerns about your account, please contact Questar Gas.

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