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Builder Services

Questar Gas Builder Services works with builders from large commercial and industrial companies to residential owner and builders to install new service lines and main extensions for gas service to new construction as well as existing homes and businesses needing new or updated services.

Pay for Other Services

Questar Gas has contracted with Western Union's SpeedPay® as the official payment service for the following:
  • Main Extension Agreement
  • Service Line Agreement
  • Damage Claim Invoice
  • Work Order Agreement
  • Skip Billing Invoice

Service-Line Request

  • Request a service line for new construction

Meter Set

  • To request a meter set for Residential or Commercial please call Customer Service at 800-323-5517.

City Clearance

  • Secure site - password required

High Pressure Relocation Policy

  • Outside parties frequently request Questar Gas to relocate its high-pressure natural gas pipelines to accommodate new development plans. This policy is intended to educate outside parties on the relocation process, to promote consistency and mutual understanding, and safeguard customer, company and public-safety interests.

Contact a Representative

  • Contact a representative in your area for help with your building needs.

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