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Frequently Asked Builder Questions


Q: How can I verify the pressure and/or availability of natural gas for a project?

A:  Contact the office in the area in which the project is being constructed.  Commercial/Industrial customers will need to provide the BTU’s and pressure required for their project.  A letter of availability can be provided.


Q: When does Questar Gas need to be notified to supply gas service to a new project?

A:  The sooner Questar Gas knows of new projects the process can begin.  Early notification will allow Questar Gas to contract with the customer, receive payment, and coordinate to install gas service in a timely manner.  A gas service line can be installed as soon as the building has been backfilled.  Average time is 6 to 8 weeks.


Q: What information is required for gas service?

A:  Initially, Questar Gas requires the following from the person contracting for service:
  • Service address
  • Contact information
  • Whether the service is residential or commercial
  • Gas appliances being installed (furnace, water heater, range, gas dryer, gas fireplace, etc) and the BTU’s for each appliance
  • The construction start date
  • Backfill date
  • Stage of construction (footings, foundation, framing, drywall, finished, or existing building)
  • Meter location (standard location is 3 feet back from the front of the house – opposite side of garage).
  • Footage from curb to the meter riser location
  • Size meter and pressure required

Q: Are there any special requirements for meters?

A:  The meter set is placed outdoors and the fuel line is run above ground into the building.  The meter set shall be accessible to Questar Gas Company service personnel and protected from accidental contact.  A mounting pad may also be required.  The size of this pad is based on the size and type of gas meter installed.  Meter protection may be required.


Q: Who is responsible for the installation of the service lines?

A:  Questar Gas Company personnel or contracted contractor shall obtain the necessary permits for the service installation and perform the actual installation.


Q: Who is responsible for the installation of the gas service and meter?

A:  Questar Gas Company is responsible for the installation and maintenance of the gas service and gas meter.


Q: What is the customer’s responsibility?

A:  Questar Gas Company is responsible for gas service to, and including, the meter.  The customer is responsible for gas lines from the meter to the building, including the inside of the building.


Q: What are the requirements before a meter can be set?

A:  The customer must call Questar Gas business office (801-324-5111 or toll-free 800-323-5517) to set up a gas account for gas service.  City clearance must be received giving permission for the meter to be set.  The cities shall send this clearance to Questar Gas when they complete their 4-way inspection.


Q: How much will it cost to run gas service to my home/business?

A:  The cost for a new service line will depend on:
  • The length from the main to where the meter shall be set – in some cases a main extension may be required
  • The BTU’s that are required by your gas appliances
  • The meter size required to serve your home/business
  • If meter protection is required

      Your service representative will be able to answer your questions

Q; What is meter protection?  How do I know if I need meter protection?

A:  If your meter is located where there is a possibility of damage to the meter, meter protection is required.  Also, if you have a lot of snow fall in your area, it is important to keep snow from accumulating on the meter and surrounding area.  Your service representative will be able to tell you if you need meter protection.  Questar Gas can provide the meter protection.  If a customer prefers to provide the meter protection, it must be to Questar Gas requirements.


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