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Frequently Asked Questions


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A. How to contact Questar Gas

Contact us at 801-324-5111 or toll-free at 800-323-5517, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. If you have a touch-tone phone, you may also access our 24-hour voice-activated system to get account information. To contact a Questar Gas employee by name using our voice-activated system, call 801-324-1989. Please see the Contact Us section of our Web site.

There are two other ways to reach us:

By email

Please see the Contact Us section of our Web site.

Note: Please do not use email to report an emergency situation. Responses to email are sent during normal business hours and may take up to two business days after receipt.

By mail

If you prefer to write, be sure to include your account number and as much information as you can about the question or concern.

Mail payments to:

Questar Gas
P.O. Box 45841
Salt Lake City, Utah 84139-0001

Correspondence only, mail to:

Questar Gas
P.O. Box 45360
Salt Lake City, Utah 84145-0360

To report a gas leak or other emergency, call 800-767-1689 (a 24-hour service).

Customers can use the Utah Relay Service, a communications service that assists individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing, speech impaired and hearing impaired.

TTY 800-346-4128
Voice 888-735-5906
ASCII 888-735-5907
Spanish 888-346-3162
VCO 800-346-7141

To use this service, dial the appropriate number above. Give the agent the number you would like to call, and he or she will stay online to relay the conversation to Questar Gas. All calls and information are confidential. This 24-hour relay service is provided at no cost to callers. Long-distance calls will be billed accordingly through your telephone service provider.

Questar Gas's Customer Care has representatives who speak Spanish. However, we encourage other non-English speaking customers to rely on their own community contacts for language translation.

B. Billing and Metering

Understanding Your Questar Gas Bill

To help you understand your gas bill, the following definitions are presented. Your bill may not include all of the items listed below.

Adjustments – These are refunds or additional charges related to your account.

Basic Service Fee – A charge to cover the cost associated with meter reading and billing, return on investment, property tax and depreciation for meters, regulators and service lines.

Budget Plan Amount – An estimate based on a customer’s annual gas usage, divided into 12 monthly payments.

Budget Plan Balance – A “credit” balance occurs when the cumulative billings, based on actual gas usage, are lower than the total budget amounts paid. A “debit” balance occurs when the cumulative billings, based on actual gas usage, are higher than the total budget amounts paid. Upon cancellation of service, the full debit balance will be due.

CCF – A unit of measurement equal to 100 cubic feet.

Charitable Contributions – A voluntary donation that helps disabled and elderly customers with low income pay a portion of their gas bills. These funds are distributed through Utah’s REACH program and Energy Share of Wyoming – 100 percent of all donations help those in need. (To sign up, contact Questar Gas.)

Decatherm (Dth) – A standard measurement for heat, which is equal to 1 million Btu (British Thermal Units).

DPA (Deferred Payment Agreement) – A payment arrangement where a past-due balance can be divided into smaller amounts and paid over a specified period of time.

Energy-Assistance Fund – A fee Questar Gas is required to collect from all Utah customers to help assist people with low income pay a portion of their gas bill. Utah HEAT offices administer these funds.

MCF – A unit of measurement equal to 1,000 cubic feet.

Rate Code – This indicates the rate schedule used for billing. The current rate schedules are available at

Volume Multiplier – This is a factor used to convert gas volume into decatherms. Included in the factor are a number of values including Btu, regulator pressure, elevation, etc.

Information is available online by accessing your account. You may also call our automated phone system 24-hours a day and enter your account number. If you prefer to speak to a representative, Customer Care is open Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. You can contact Customer Care toll-free, 800-323-5517 or locally 801-324-5111.

Questar Gas reads meters monthly using a remote electronic device. Occasionally a meter read may not transmit for various reasons. If the meter read is estimated more than two months in a row, an order is issued to physically inspect the meter and collect an accurate read.   

To read your gas meter:

  1. Face the meter and read the dials from left to right (see example).
  2. Mark the exact position of gas meter's dial hands.
  3. Send the postcard within two days after receiving it.

If someone claiming to be a Questar Gas representative comes to your home, please feel free to request to see his or her badge. If the person claiming to represent us does not have a badge, DO NOT allow that person to enter your home, and immediately report the incident to the local police. If the person does have a badge but you still have doubts, please call us at 800-323-5517. A Customer Care representative can determine if any work is scheduled at your address.

A number of factors affect the gas bill amount. For example, the number of appliances, the efficiency of the appliances, the price of natural gas, the number of people living in the home, the amount of insulation and lifestyle can affect the amount.

In addition, homes of similar square footage and in the same proximity may have vastly differing gas bills because gas meters are not read on the same day. Questar Gas staggers the reading of gas meters over an 18-day period. If one meter is read the first of the month and a neighboring meter is read the middle of the month, both gas bills for that month will reflect heating periods that are weeks apart. The date of service covered by your monthly gas bill is listed under "service period."

The monthly basic service fee covers fixed costs associated with meter reading, preparation and postage of bills, and maintaining meters and service lines.

C. Starting, Stopping or Transferring Service

Residential customers:

Complete the secure online form, New-Service Application for Residential Customers.

Commercial customers:

Complete the secure online form, New-Service Application for Commercial Customers.

You can request a transfer of your service by accessing your account online.

  1. Login and click on the tab Services & Options> Start, Stop or Transfer Services
  2. Select Move to Another Address
  3. Complete the online form and click Submit.

Or, if you need to start service for an additional address:

  1. Login and click on the tab Services & Options> Start, Stop or Transfer Services
  2. Select Start New Service
  3. Complete the online form and click Submit.

You can stop your service by accessing your account online.

  1. Login and click on the tab Services & Options> Start, Stop or Transfer Services
  2. Select Stop Current Service or, if transferring, select Move to Another Address
  3. Complete the online form and click Submit.

Note: If an account is in your name, you are responsible for arranging shut off and paying the final bill.

Service Line:

If you are in the process of building a new home or business facility and wish to arrange for the installation of the natural gas service line (from the street to your structure), simply fill out the online Service Line Request form.
Note: Be advised that installation times can vary between six to eight weeks after receipt of request because of local permitting and related issues.

Meter Set:

If the service line is already installed at the property, and you need a gas meter installed contact Customer Care.
Note: Most city building departments will require a clearance permit before a meter at a new structure is set and turned on. To avoid delays, check with your builder or city building inspector.

Typically, it's best to schedule service three to five working days before moving. During the fall and winter months, it can take longer because it's our busiest time of year. You can submit a request to stop service by accessing your account online.

Utah and Idaho:

Questar Gas charges $30 plus tax to initiate natural gas service, check the appliances and activate a new account at a new or existing home.

Questar Gas charges $15 plus tax to initiate service and remove the meter lock so qualified individuals may turn on the meter and light the appliances.

Questar Gas charges an $8 plus tax connection fee if service is already on at the premises and service needs to be transferred into a new name.


There is no connection fee. However, customers are charged a $25 reconnect ion fee if their service is shut off for nonpayment.

Note to All Customers: If Questar Gas needs access to your meter and access is not available, or if we need access inside the home, an adult (18 years or older) will need to be on the premises at the time services are performed.

In most cases, Questar Gas does not require a security deposit from residential customers. However, deposits are required upon the filing of bankruptcy, when service is obtained fraudulently or without authorization, when service is shut off for nonpayment or when the customer has an outstanding debt with a collections agency.

If a deposit is required, the amount will be equal to the highest bill over the past 12 months at the residence. Security deposits can be paid in three monthly payments. The first payment must be made before service is established or before the deposit's past-due date. The deposit, with interest, is refunded to the customer after a good credit history has been maintained for one year. If a customer discontinues gas service, the deposit plus interest is applied to the account balance, and any excess is refunded to the customer.

Yes, request Customer Care send you a Landlord Agreement. Sign and return a completed form to be set up this service. For more information on the Landlord Agreement, refer to our online brochure Landlord Agreement (PDF).

D. Payments

Your next gas bill will indicate if your payment was received for the previous month's service. You can also access your account online or call 800-323-5517 and use our automated system, or speak with a representative.

A third party administers these payment transactions for Questar Gas and a minimum fee may be charged for each transaction (the fee is not a Questar Gas charge).

Questar Gas asks a third party to administer these payments to keep overhead costs down. Unlike most companies which include credit card-related fees in the pricing of their products and services, Questar Gas keeps these costs out of its rates.

Sign up by accessing your account online. Simply click on the tab Billing & Payment Detail> then from the left side menu, select, Enroll in a Budget Plan. Complete and submit the online form. For more information view the Budget Plan brochure.

Sign up by accessing your account online. Simply click on the top tab Billing & Payment Detail then, select Manage Automatic Payments from the left menu. Complete and submit the online form.

  • You can use the "Pay Now" button in the e-mail message to pay with checking or savings.
  • Open the attached PDF and pay from checking or savings using the provided form or click on the link to pay with Debit/Credit card.
  • Enroll in Auto Pay
  • Pay from the Questar Gas website
  • Pay using the "Bill Pay" suite from your bank or credit union

View other Paperless Billing questions on our Paperless Billing Help page.

E. Other Services

You can find assistance through programs such as federally-funded Home Energy Assistance Target (HEAT), locally-funded Residential Energy Assistance through Community Help (REACH Utah), Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP Wyoming), Energy Share of Wyoming and Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP Idaho). For more information view Assistance programs.

Call a licensed plumbing and heating contractor. To find a contractor near you, contact the Rocky Mountain Gas Association or look in your local telephone directory.


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