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High-Pressure Relocation Policy



Outside parties frequently request that Questar Gas Company (Questar Gas) relocate its high-pressure natural gas pipelines to accommodate new development plans. This policy (the Policy) is intended to educate outside parties on the relocation process, to promote consistency and mutual understanding, and safeguard customer, company and public-safety interests.


Questar Gas will evaluate proposed high-pressure pipeline relocations provided that the developer (or other requesting party) bears the full expense of such an evaluation. Questar Gas is under no legal obligation to relocate its high pressure gas facilities located within right-of-way. Accordingly, Questar Gas has discretion whether to relocate its facilities upon request.

Following its evaluation, Questar Gas may elect to relocate its pipeline when the following conditions are satisfied: (1) the developer enters into a Relocation Agreement with company; (2) the developer pays for the cost of the relocation in advance, including any additional right-of-way; (3) there is sufficient time for the planning and construction of the project; (4) the relocation is in the company’s best interest; and (5) the relocation is consistent with customer, company and public-safety interests.


  A.   Relocation Application - For Questar Gas to review a proposed high-pressure relocation, the developer shall first submit an Application for Relocation of High Pressure Facilities (Application for Relocation of High Pressure Facilities (form 50450)), along with a non-refundable application fee. The application fee covers the cost for Questar Gas to evaluate the proposed relocation. The Company will determine if the proposal is in the company’s best interest, and if so, determine a proposed time frame and estimate of costs.
  B.   Relocation Expenses – If Questar Gas elects to relocate the high-pressure pipeline, the developer must first enter into a relocation agreement with Questar Gas and make an up-front payment to Questar Gas for the cost of the project. After receiving the payment and executed contract, Questar Gas may initiate material procurement and otherwise commence necessary arrangements for the relocation project.


Relocation projects, when agreed to by Questar Gas, are just one type of project that may need to be completed by the company during a particular construction season. Relocation projects will not be given precedence over important maintenance or repair projects, or projects required to meet customer-service obligations. Schedules for relocation projects may be established by the Company, consistent with the following guidelines:

  Availability of necessary materials consistent with proposed schedule. Note that many pipeline materials require substantial and varying lead-times for procurement.
  Ability to manage system loads and meet customer-service obligations.
  Availability of sufficient resources from contractors qualified to perform high-pressure work for Questar Gas.
  Relocation project shall normally be completed and the pipeline fully back in service by the anticipated start of higher heating loads on the system, typically October 15th.

Most relocation projects require between six months and one year lead time prior to construction. Developers should not assume that Questar Gas can conform to expedited construction schedules. A developer should enter into a Relocation Agreement prior to April 1 for a relocation project to be realistically considered for that year’s construction season. After reviewing the Relocation Application, Questar Gas may determine a different timeline, considering job and time-specific factors such as complexity of the relocation and competing project workload. Schedules provided to developers are subject to change for various reasons such as unanticipated delays with material procurement and contractor and right-of-way availability.


Relocation Agreements must contain terms acceptable to Questar Gas. Among other things, the Relocation Agreement must provide a safe, stable and accessible right-of-way, free from unwarranted restrictions, encroachments, interference, contamination, and other risk factors. The developer must also agree to indemnify Questar Gas and agree to comply with all environmental laws and all laws concerning working near pipelines.


  Developer should review the Policy.
  Questar Gas receives payment and signed Relocation Application.
  Questar Gas reviews Relocation Application to determine desirability of relocation, and if approved, cost and projected timeframe for relocation.
  Parties enter into Relocation Agreement and payment is received by Questar Gas for estimated costs of relocation.
  Questar Gas requires sufficient lead time to obtain permits and materials and to schedule customer interruptions.
  Questar Gas will schedule the relocation according to its workload and schedule requirements; no binding deadlines will be agreed to.


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