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What Every Customer Should Know About Changing Natural Gas Supplies and Proper Appliance Adjustment

To ensure the SAFE AND EFFICIENT operation of natural gas appliances in your home, it is IMPORTANT that you review the following information.

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If your natural gas space-heating (furnace, boiler, etc.) and/or water-heating appliances do not have a Green Sticker, you should have a licensed and certified contractor conduct a Green Sticker inspection, and, if necessary, adjustment during your next annual inspection so that your appliances will safely and efficiently burn natural gas supplies.

All natural gas space- and water-heating appliances need a Green Sticker indicating that they have been checked and, if necessary, adjusted to properly burn local natural gas supplies. If not properly adjusted, these appliances may produce excess carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is an invisible, odorless and tasteless gas that is poisonous and can cause serious injury or, in extreme cases, even death.

Following are answers to the most commonly asked questions concerning the Green Sticker. Please read this information carefully. Following the advice in this brochure will help you safely continue to enjoy the comforts and advantages of economical and efficient natural gas.

What is a Green Sticker?
A Green Sticker is an adhesive sticker placed on your space- and water-heating natural gas appliances by a licensed and certified1 heating contractor. The Green Sticker verifies these natural gas appliances have been properly derated (adjusted) to safely burn natural gas at your altitude.

Why is this Green Sticker adjustment necessary?
A Green Sticker adjustment is necessary because most natural gas-fired furnaces and water heaters in Utah need to be derated to operate safely and efficiently at different altitudes. Also, new set points for natural gas-fired furnaces and water heaters went into effect in 1998 due to the changing composition of local gas supplies.

Will these changes require replacement of any appliances?

When do I need a Green Sticker?
Recent enhancements on upstream pipelines and Questar Gas's system enable the company to blend gas supplies for the foreseeable future, making them compatible for appliances with or without a sticker. Nevertheless, you should have a Green Sticker adjustment done as soon as possible (preferably in connection with your annual inspection). Customers can save money by combining the Green Sticker adjustment with a normal appliance safety inspection, which should be done annually by a licensed and properly certified contractor. If you purchase a new furnace or water heater, be aware that the Utah building code now requires that a sticker indicating proper adjustment be placed on the appliance at the time of installation.

What can happen if my appliances are not properly adjusted?
Natural gas is a safe, dependable and economical energy source. If your appliances are not properly adjusted, they may not operate safely. Improperly adjusted appliances could result in natural gas not being burned correctly, which may produce excess carbon monoxide. Under certain conditions, especially without proper ventilation, carbon monoxide could be released into your home. Carbon monoxide is an invisible, odorless and tasteless gas that is poisonous and can cause serious injury or, in extreme cases, even death.

The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are:
  • Persistent, severe headaches usually affecting more than one family member;
  • Nausea, vomiting and weakness;
  • The disappearance of symptoms when individuals leave the house.

If you suspect the presence of carbon monoxide in your home based on symptoms exhibited by family members, open windows and/or doors, and evacuate all persons from your home to avoid continued exposure. Have your home inspected as soon as possible to identify and fix the source of the carbon monoxide.

What does the Green Sticker adjustment involve?
The inspection and possible adjustment involve checking and, if necessary, re-sizing an orifice in the appliance burner and/or changing the manifold pressure that governs the mixture of air and natural gas needed for proper and complete fuel combustion.

Which appliances need to be inspected, and if necessary adjusted, for Green Sticker compliance?
Natural gas space- and water-heating appliances need to be inspected and, if necessary, adjusted by a licensed and certified heating contractor. Once these appliances are inspected and properly adjusted, customers should make sure that the contractor performing the inspection applies a Green Sticker for future reference. While Green Stickers are not needed for other natural gas appliances, Questar Gas continues to stress the importance of regular maintenance and annual checkups for all natural gas appliances.

How do I know if my appliances are properly adjusted?
The only way to be certain that your appliances are properly adjusted is to have them inspected by a licensed and certified heating contractor. It is every customer's responsibility to have their natural gas space- and water-heating appliances inspected and, if necessary, properly adjusted to ensure safe operation. Questar Gas has recommended that installers, manufacturers and appliance-service contractors apply a Green Sticker to appliances that are properly adjusted. New appliances purchased and installed after June 1998 should be properly adjusted for our service area, and should already have a Green Sticker. It's also possible that appliances that have recently been repaired or inspected may also have been checked and have a Green Sticker. Regardless of when your appliances were installed, if they do not have a Green Sticker, you should have a licensed and certified heating contractor inspect them, make any necessary adjustments and apply a Green Sticker on each appliance for future reference.

Isn't it a good idea to have appliances checked regularly anyway?
Yes. Questar Gas recommends that customers have all their natural gas appliances checked annually. If you follow this practice, your next regularly scheduled inspection is a good time to make sure your natural gas space- and water-heating appliances are properly adjusted and have a Green Sticker.

Who can make the inspection?
A licensed and certified heating contractor will be able to perform the inspection and make any necessary adjustments. A list of licensed contractors in your area is available by calling:

Rocky Mountain Gas Association:

Or you can visit their Web site at www.utrmga.org. A list of contractors is also available in your local Yellow Pages under "Heating."

Why can't Questar Gas do the Green Sticker adjustments?
Our customer service employees are working to keep natural gas flowing to homes and businesses, and helping in emergencies. Adding to our workforce just for this project would cost customers more in the long run. Questar Gas keeps working to control costs so you can enjoy safe, reliable service at rates that are among the lowest in the nation. Adapting to the appliance settings recommended by Questar Gas and approved by the PSC for your area will help Questar Gas keep natural gas costs down.

Questar Gas Company does not (i) endorse or recommend any particular contractor, company, firm, individual or other entity for the performance of natural gas appliance work or services discussed here, or (ii) make any representations or warranties whatsoever related to the quality of such work or services as may be performed by any such entity.