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Alert: Avoid Scams involving your natural gas service

Be aware of scammers who call and claim to be collecting on your bill and who ask for an online or over-the-phone payment. Some of these requests can sound and look real. Here are some tips on how to avoid these scams:

1. If you pay your bills on time, be suspicious of any call or email regarding your account.

2. Never provide personal or financial information to someone who calls and asks for it.

3. Call us to verify the status of your account.

How to identify a Questar Gas service representative

If someone claiming to be a Questar Gas representative comes to your home, please feel free to request to see his or her badge. If the person claiming to represent us does not have a badge, DO NOT allow that person to enter your home, and immediately report the incident to the local police. If the person does have a badge but you still have doubts, please call us at 800-323-5517. A Customer Care representative can determine if any work is scheduled at your address.

For more information on consumer protection, contact:

Utah: Department of Commerce (link:

Wyoming: Consumer Protection (link:


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