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The Advantages of Natural Gas Vehicles


Environmentally Clean

  • Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel today.
  • NGVs produce the fewest emissions of all vehicle fuel types.
  • NGV emissions contain significantly less pollutants than gasoline.
  • Dedicated NGVs release little or no emissions during fueling.

Maintenance Advantages

  • Some tune-ups for NGVs have been extended by up to 50,000 miles.
  • Some oil changes have been extended by up to 25,000 miles.
  • Pipes and mufflers have lasted longer in NGVs because the natural gas does not react with the metals.

Performance Advantages

  • Natural gas gives roughly the same mileage as gasoline.
  • Dedicated natural gas engines are superior in performance to gasoline engines because natural gas has an octane rating of 130.
  • Because natural gas is already in a gaseous state, NGVs have superior starting and drive ability, even under severe hot and cold weather conditions.
  • NGVs experience less knocking and no vapor locking.

Cost Advantages

  • Natural gas is cheaper per equivalent gallon than gasoline. On average, natural gas is one-third less than gasoline at the pump.

Safety Advantages

  • The fuel storage tanks on NGVs are thicker than those on gasoline or diesel vehicles.
  • NGVs are as safe or safer than those powered by other fuels. A 1992 AGA survey of more than 8,000 vehicles found that with more than 278 million miles traveled, NGV injury rates per vehicle mile traveled were 34% lower than the rate for gasoline vehicles. There were no fatalities reported — even though these vehicles were involved in more than 1,800 collisions.

State Incentives

  • Some states offer tax credits for each vehicle converted to run on natural gas.
  • Some states offer tax credits for purchasing an NGV.
  • Car Pool Lane: In order for a "Clean Fuel" vehicle to travel in the Express Lanes it must display a "Clean Fuel" sticker/decal which costs $10. If you have questions, please call the Department of Motor Vehicles, 801-297-7780, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday - Friday. UDOT Fast FAQs.
  • There is free parking for low-emission and alternative fuel vehicles at all Salt Lake City parking meters.

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